Hocaille and Lauzelle districts



Hocaille is a residential district that was built after the Biéreau district. It includes community apartments for students, “kots” (dorms) and single family homes arranged in a more open layout.  The center of this district is the Blocry Farm, another old Brabant farm that has been entirely restored. This is also where the Blocry Sports Center, the swimming pools, and the Church of St. Frances of Assisi are located.  The end of the district immediately borders the Lauzelle Woods. 


The District of Lauzelle is also residential and marks a second breath of new life in the renovations at the end of the eighties.  The lots are noticeably larger than in the first districts.  Dedicated to family and city life, there is a small Beguine convent with seven dwellings, offering services and housing for older individuals, social accommodations, schools and a nursing home.