Campgrounds and hostels

There are no campgrounds or hostels in Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve... only those that are being planned for the future, so while waiting for these, here are the closest addresses where you can stay:


Alvaux Tower (8 km)

Rue Val d'Alvaux 107 - 1457 Nil-Saint-Vincent
GSM: Reception +32 (0)479 94 94 10
GSM: Mr Lemaigre +32 (0)479 355 581

Approximately 8 kilometers from Louvain-la-Neuve, the campground welcomes tents, trailers and motor homes in a calm and green atmosphere.  The Alvaux tower dating to the beginning of the 13th century is located in the camping area.  

Renipont (16 km)

Route de Ry beau Ry 7A
1380 Lasne
02 654 06 70


« Au Val Tourinnes »  (18 km)

Rue du Grand Brou 48
1320 Tourinnes-la-Grosse.
Tél : 010/86.66.42 ou 0479/31.57.89.
E-mail :

Open from 8.30 am tot 19.30 pm, except from 12.45 to 13.45 pm

Félicien Rops Youth Hostel

Avenue Félicien Rops 8 - 5000 Namur
Tel +32 (0)81 22 36 88
Only by reservation during the off season. 

See the complete list of youth hostels in Wallonie and Brussels

For all of the addresses of hostels and campgrounds in Wallonia, brochures are available in our Tourism Office - Inforville.

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